Bluff and Pilfer Like a Pirate with Big G Creative’s New Game Bluffaneer

Bluff and Pilfer Like a Pirate with Big G Creative’s New Game Bluffaneer

Nashville, Tenn. – January 12, 2021 – Yarrr! Grab your most trusted crew and sail out to the high seas with Big G Creative’s newest release, Bluffaneer! This adventurous new dice game sets mates against each other as players try to pilfer pirate treasure and bluff their way to the largest stack of gold.

Bluffaneer is a game for sea dogs of all ages, whether it’s a family game session or you’re switching up poker night to work on your bluffing skills.

To play, players roll bone-shaped dice and bluff to steal coins from fellow mates, aiming to collect the most treasure in each round. But beware, mateys! You may have to cough up your gold coins if another clever pirate catches you in the bluff.

“These days, we could all use an escape from the everyday, and Bluffaneer is the perfect way to transport yourself to the high seas for game night,” said Steven Anne, creative director at Big G Creative. “Whether you’re playing with family or friends, the whole crew will enjoy the friendly competition of this bluffing dice game – pirate speak encouraged!”

One game of Bluffaneer only takes about 15 minutes, so three to six pirates ages 10+ can enjoy a quick and rowdy romp or keep the pirate-themed fun going with multiple games to determine who is truly the craftiest Bluffaneer of all.

Big G Creative’s Bluffaneer is now available exclusively at Target stores and at for a suggested retail price of $9.99. To learn more about the game and how it’s played, please visit