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Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack


Three Games Your Whole Family Will Enjoy!

KRAFT® Macaroni & Cheese Game

Satisfy your cravings with the KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Game! Roll the dice and add them together, then play the noodle cards that match. Keep an eye on Cheesasaurus Rex as he boosts his way higher up the Noodle Meter, but make sure you don’t run out of noodles! The first person to play all of their cards OR the last person with leftover noodles is the mac & cheese dinner winner! It’s cheesy goodness your family will love!

JELL-O® Jiggler™ Slap Game

“LEFT HAND…LIME!” Listen for the JELL-O flavor that’s read out loud, then be the quickest to slap your hand – the CORRECT hand – on the corresponding JELL-O Jiggler card. If a Jiggle! card is called out, you must jiggle and wiggle for the flavor you savor. You’ll love this quick-thinking, hand-slapping game from everyone’s favorite jiggly treat. There’s always room for this JELL-O gelatin game!

HEINZ® Ketchup Dice Game

Roll the dice and collect as much ketchup as possible to try and score 57 points! But beware, if you get too greedy for the taste of HEINZ ketchup you could lose everything! Mustard and Sweet Relish bring an added level of flavor to the game, but can serve as penalties in your quest to roll the best. It’s HEINZ ketchup or bust in this press your luck game of risk versus reward! America’s Favorite Ketchup™ game is definitely worth the wait.


Ages: 8 and up
Number of Players: 2+ players
Playing Time: 20 minutes