Big G’s Gen Con 2017 Schedule

Big G's Gen Con 2017 Schedule

Big G’s Gen Con 2017 Schedule

What a wild ride it’s been for Big G since we first decided to enter the board game business after GenCon 2016. On the 15th of August, the Big G team is packing up a UHaul with games, our booth, and a lot of excitement. We will be hitting the road to Indianapolis for GenCon 50 where we will formally introduce Big G to the board game community. Woo Hoo!!!

It’s about a 5 hour drive straight north on Interstate 65. We should pull in around 6pm in time to set up on the 16th. As you probably know, GenCon50 runs from 17-20 August.

Big G received the very first production product in our warehouse today. Wow! The games look amazing. Also, the GenCon booth arrived today – as you can see, we are pretty proud to be making the Bob Ross game! Here’s a sneak peak at the Big G GenCon50 booth (# 431A)

Big G has never exhibited at GenCon before. We are hoping to make it easy for people to play our games and have a great time. Big G is going to have a limited supply of games available to purchase at GenCon, including:

Bob Ross, The Art of Chill game – $25.00 (daily limit of 135 copies sold on a first come, first served basis)
Shifty Eyed Spies – $20.00
The Wizard Always Wins – $25.00
How to Rob a Bank – $25.00

We are super excited to be at GenCon50 and hope to see you there! We can’t wait to share our games with everyone.