5 Educational Board Games Parents and Children Will Both Love

educational board games

5 Educational Board Games Parents and Children Will Both Love

Want to help your kid do their best in school? Instead of scheduling an extra evening study session, you may want to plan for a fun family game night.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children sees the educational value of play time. Playing helps your kid build crucial learning skills, and can even help expand on concepts they’re learning in school.

Best Educational Board Games For Children

Playing with your children gives your family the chance to bond and allows your kids to learn outside of the classroom.

If you want your kid to have the best learning and playing experience, get educational board games to play together. There are plenty of games designed for learning, and some classics from your childhood that can promote education.

If you want your next family game night to double as a covert study session, be sure to check out these games.


Did you love Scrabble and Boggle as a kid? There’s a new game that combines both elements of the game and helps boost your child’s vocabulary and spelling skills.

Bananagrams is a simple game where kids use tiles with letters on them to spell words. Unlike Scrabble and Boggle, you can play this game anywhere you have a flat surface. Players can make their own grid as they play.

This game is great for families with children of different ages. You can make the words as simple or as tough as you want.


Is your child getting an allowance for the first time? Do you want to teach them the value of money?

Monopoly is a classic board game that can teach your kids about budgeting and spending. They’ll learn how to manage money as they buy properties and expand their real estate empires.

Checkers or Chess

You may have fond memories of playing checkers or chess as a child, and now you can help your child form memories of their own. These two classic games also double as educational board games.

Both games require a level of planning and critical thinking skills. Kids will have to strategize and put their logic and reasoning skills to work if they want to win.

Shift Eyed Spies

Non-verbal communication can be difficult to master. If you want your child to practice their communication skills and learn how to read others, Shifty Eyed Spies is a must.

In this game, players need to find a way to communicate their secret messages without letting others know. It’s a great way for kids to learn how to express themselves, and also learn how to read others.

Settlers of Catan

Do you want your kids to manage their time and money better? Are they working towards a personal goal? Teach them proper planning skills with Settlers of Catan.

This game is a bit advanced for some ages, but anybody ages 10 and up can enjoy the game. The kids will need to learn how to allocate resources and plan settlements as they expand their empire.

Next Steps

Playing games can do more than entertain your kids. With the right educational board games, your kid can learn and play at the same time.

Now that you know what games you need, it’s time to put together a fun night! Check out our post on how to plan a great game night so you can plan an awesome time for the whole family.